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I just finished rereading Evernight. At first I asked myself "why did i like this book so much?". Then I remembered or atleast I figured out why I liked it this time. Bianca and Lucas have such a great love for each other. Both were brought up a ceratain way, not allowed the choice to decide who they really wanted to be. Through the time they were together they were able to defy themselves. Lucas for once was able to be with someone and not have to ush them away like he was always taught to. Bianca was able to,for once, not be afraid and do what she wanted to do. Getting on that bus must have been hard for her to do. She was leaving behind her parents and leaving with someone who was taught to kill those she loved. I felt horrible that Bianca and Lucas are now having to fight against two sides in order to be together. They were taught to not trust one another, but to each other they are the person whom they trust the most. I do love Eernight. I love the fact htat Bianca and Lucas' love for each other makes them stronger. Lets just see what I will say at the book club meeting Tuesday. For some reason I feel like I am missing something that i loved before, but i dont klnow what.hmm.


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