Tangled by Carolyn Mackler Review  

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Author: Carolyn Mackler
Hardback: 320pgs.
Publisher: December 29th 2009 by HarperTeen
Source: Borrowed from MidColumbia Library
Jena, Dakota, Skye, and Owen are all at Paradise—the resort in the Caribbean, that is—for different reasons, but in Paradise their lives become tangled together in ways none of them can predict. Over the course of four months, through four voices and four stories, what happened in Paradise will change them all.

In this extraordinary novel, the Printz Honor–winning author brings us her most accomplished work yet. Tangled is a story of the secrets we keep, the risks we take, and the things we do for love.

Review:Jena is a girl who doesn't have much of a life so she lives her life through the lives of others waiting for the day the perfect man/guy comes along. Dakota is a boy who's girlfriend died and he can't seem to get over the day of her death and can't stop being the jerk people make him to be. Skye is an actress who can't seem to ever be happy. She goes day after day smiling as if everything is okay when its not. Owen is guy who spends most of his time online than socializing with real people.
This was a great book. At the beginning I was kind of confused because for some odd reason I thought it was going to be four points of view on one event, but it's not. The book is split up into four section. Each one a different person. Each one a different month. I think this was a great job of writing a book. I always like to see the other person point of view and the way they think. The only downer to this is that once you read a section on a person you want it to keep going or find out the reason for something someone did but it switches off to the next month, the next person wondering what actually happened after that. Luckily it does answer those questions in the other sections, but you have to wait a little longer to find out and to me it didn't feel right.
The characters, for me, were really well written. Each one having their own flaws and each one having a good thing about them, whether it showed in their section or not, making them more real. I wish I would have gone on a little longer for Jena's section and Owen's section. Those two were my favorite out of the bunch. Especially Jena, she grew so much through the book.
So overall this was a great read but it wasn't the best for me because I felt that at times the sections where cut off a little short and it made me angry :). Ooh One more thing I wanted to say that is really random is that I thought it was really weird how Dakota kept saying "Tits". I haven't read that very often, I thought it was funny. Not the fact the they talked about that because I was fine when Owen thought "breasts" but "tits" seams weird to me, but it made Dakota, Dakota. hmm. I give Tangled 4.5 Stars or an A-.

4.5 Stars OR A-


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