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Procrastination. Yeah I have a problem with that :/. For my English class we have to read 3 books each trimester. Three books sounds easy right? I mean I blog about books. The first two books are easy any book you want and you have to do a project. The third book has to be a classic, I am not very fond of classics. This trimester our English teacher decided to shake it up. One book of our choice, one non-fiction(ugh), and one classic. Tomorrow is the due date for the second book, and I haven't read a nonfiction book yet or a classic. I have a nonfiction book right now, on Lady Gaga. Yeah I needed something and my friend had it in her backpack so yeah. Over 250 pages and I have a project to do a project to go with it. I have a problem guys :(.
Don't procrastinate. I know the seniors at my school, including my brother, know that now. A lot of them were rushing to turn in their PAWS assignment to be able to walk at graduation. Sad. I'm sad.

In other news I finished The Iron King by Julie Kagawa and I will do a review on it soon. For right now I'm going to tell you that I am..
Made that myself. Should have probably reading and doing my project. I suck.

Until next time.

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