Vampire Diaries Season Finale  

Posted by: Karla

I just wanted to talk about this because there are only two people I talk to this about and this morning I couldn't talk very long with one of them and then the other didn't watch it last night. Ugh. That was one the best season finales ever. When the whole Damon and Elena thing was happening my sister was saying "Yes Yes Yes", while I was saying" No No NO". I love love love Damon especially because he opened up more and just made my heart all warm inside but I love love love Stephan too. The love he has for Elena is so much and the love he has for Damon even after everything he has done warms my heart and I don't want him to be hurt, but I don't want Damon to be heart either. The scene in the kitchen had me freaking out. My sister was grossed out and I was freaking out and my brother was wierded out by both of us. I am so excited for the upcoming episodes though I don't know when. I can't make myself choose between Damon and Stephan. I think though that Elena really really really loves Stephan and that breaks my heart a little because I know Damon loves her. *sigh*
Also the whole werewolf thing serves that dude right though. I laughed when the mayor said "What are you doing here?" and then Damon says,"I'm a vampire, whats your excuse?" Made me laugh, made me laugh. It was full of greatness and left it with so many things hanging.
Yeah I LOVED it!

ps.I copied and pasted most of this from a comment I made on this post, I didn't want to tire out my fingers again :)


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