Speak Your Mind Wednesday - Entry One  

Posted by: Karla

I wanted to start this new weekly thing where I kind of sum up my feeling for the day or something that occurred to me throughout the day. I got this idea because I am a person who usually doesn't say anything because I'm afraid of what they'll say/ think. I am not going to go on and start bashing people, I am going to just type what I wanted to say. If you have anything to add go ahead and comment.
Today during lunch one of my guy friends saw a girl and called her pretty. My other kind-of-friend said she was ugly and that is where this idea got started. Right after that my other friend said that she was pretty, I thought she was pretty. The one that said she was ugly said that she wasn't pretty because if she smiled you would want her to close her mouth or something like that. I just was kind of shocked and at the same time not.
This wasn't the first time that this happened. I've sat there several times listening while she would say these horrible things but I don't want to say anything to her face personally. The thing that bothers me the most is that she says it as if she is the most perfect/beautiful person in the world and has the right to judge what people look like. She isn't perfect. She's pretty. I just don't understand how someone can say those kinds of things about someone. Has she or anyone else who does this think about how that person would feel if they went up to their face and told them that? Have they ever thought of doing that. Might as well right? Apparently they don't deserve the respect and should be told these things to make them feel horrible about themselves.
It aggravated me when people don't think of what they are saying. they don;t think about how that person would think/feel if they overheard them or someone told them what people think of them.
My English teacher once told our class that its human nature to classify people or judge them. I think that's true. Its instinct to think these things, but that's where the person comes in. That person has to decide whether or not its okay to think or say this. Everyone is different and everyone is beautiful. No one likes being told horrible things about themselves so why do it to someone else and put those feelings on them.
I have to end this post here. I don;t think I will ever be able to write all my feelings on this subject. I hope you enjoyed Speak Your Mind Wednesday and feel free to speak your mind on this subject in the comments :)


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