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Posted by: Karla

Well actually last week but same diffrence :)

Soooo the first book of three that I finished is...

Lips Touch Three Times by Laini Taylor
I really enjoyed this book. The first story was creepy to
me. The first story felt as though it ended too quickly and i was left thinking
"Wait, thats it!". I would recommened this book. 4.5/5

The second book this week is....

The Maltese Falson by Dashiell Hammet
I Liked this book overall. I will say that the only reason I read this is for my English class. I needed an AP book and it was free at the library. Even though I liked it there was one thing that truly bugged me. The book felt vague. It didnt allow the reader to really learn about the characters. At times I felt lost, as if I had missed something so I would become frustated. I dont know if i would recommend
it. 3.9/5

The third book is...
Tithe by Holly Black
Ahh I love folklore. This book was great :). I think one of the only cons for me is the amount of bad words in this book, but Im accustomed to it. I read reviews saying it shouldnt be a YA novel but if they compared it to book like Crank or almost anything else by Ellen Hopkins (Love Ellen) they would have a diffrent opinion. :)
Sooo I do recommend this book. 4.9/5( I dont think its a 5 but its pretty high up there)


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