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If you recognized that name you are awesome. I just heard their song Goodnight, Moon. iT pretty great. :)
So this week is the last week of this trimesters classes, which is good and bad at the same time. Hopefully i keep my A in Bio. We're learning genetics which is awesome so far i get it all. if only i just took Chem. I find that much easier than Bio. Wierd how I just started capitalizing my Is :). I have to do my IR Project for the AP book and the EC book. The Maltese falcon was pretty good :)
So my sched.
1.Math Lewis. I'll miss Mrs. Smith :(
2.History Swenen He is koolio.
3.French2 Sphor AH my french class
4.English McCintick Same all year thank goodness
5.Chem. Swarts. I know I dont talk uch to Meyer but I'm going to miss him too :(
6. Bio Taylor OK I guess. I got a lot of koolio people in that class but she gives lots of work but I'll push through :)

So overall Im pretty happy. I got first lunch but I second lunch on collab days. Hopefully I wont be a loner again. I had magally this tri. but I like having a lot of people at the table :)
So thats it bye imaginary people im talking to :)


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