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PushPush by Sapphire

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Summary:An electrifying first novel that shocks by its language, its circumstances, and its brutal honesty, Push recounts a young black street-girl's horrendous and redemptive journey through a Harlem inferno. For Precious Jones, 16 and pregnant with her father's child, miraculous hope appears and the world begins to open up for her when a courageous, determined teacher bullies, cajoles, and inspires her to learn to read, to define her own feelings and set them down in a diary.

My Thoughts: Okay so the only reason I wanted to read this book was because the movie looked amazing and I don't like to watch book-based movies without reading the books.(reason I read Twilight)To start of this book was so hard to read. There were points in this book where I just wanted to put this book down and scrub away what I just read from my memory, but I didn't. I kept reminding my self that people go through this and that its best to learn all the horrible things in this world and not deny all the horrible things that have happened, will happen and are haping at this very moment.

Precious' journey is such a harsh and horrific thing. From the movie I knew that the father had gotten her pregnant, but I learned it was the SECOND time this had happened. I knew that the mom was horrible but she molested her to and I just...I just... I couldn't understand how they could put a child through such hell. Later on in the story the mom tells what happened the first time the abuse started. While she was telling the story, Precious kept wanting her to stop , I wanted her to stop and shut up. How can someone be so disgusting and have no heart, no soul to see what was happening to the child and not care if her man got angry. Kick him to the damn curb. What these people did was just... disgusting, horrific, and all other words that I can't think of.

I think it was a fantastic that Sapphire wrote the story as a journal. I think it helped make the whole story and life so much more real. The dialect, the spelling errors, the language, and everything else helped make Precious' story much more real. I appreciated that the only subject talked about, for lack of a better word, was not just sexual and physical abuse, but other tough real like situations such as appearance, what that meant to some people, sexual preferences, and all the characters' stories, which were included in the book also.

Something that I didn't like at all, but I knew were a main element of having Precious tell the story, is the amount of foul language. There was sooo much bad words in this book and the use of p***y was too much for me.

Overall this book was a good read. I wouldn't recommend it to kids under 15 or 16. I'm kind of used to reading about these subject, I read a lot of Ellen Hopkins but the stories never seem to stop horrify me and make me want to, as I mentioned before, put the book down and erase it from my memory but i know its real and someone has actually gone through it or something close to it. It contains very harsh and horrific subjects and a lot of unsuitable language. So if you want a gripping and eye opening read and don't really mind a lot and I mean A LOT of foul language then I would recommend it to you. For the fact that I really didn't completely love the book and I am not happy with so much foul language I give it a four.five.

****.5 Four.five Stars


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