The Secret Year by Jennifer Hubbard Review  

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The Secret Year by Jennifer Hubbard

Okay this is my second review and I'm still not sure how to start out and express for my fellings, but here I go.
When I first heard about this book I was really excited. After waiting and waiting for my library to get it I finally read it. Over time my expectation were raised and maybe it was unfair, but I can't change it. This book did not fulfill my expectations but I did enjoy it.
I liked the main character Colt. I could tell that he always longed for a time that he could be out in public with Julia and have a more real relationship that meeting most weeks out by the lake every Friday. One thing that did bother me about Colt was when he knew he didn't have the same feelings for Syd as she had for him, he still allowed it to reach the point it did.
One thing that I wish this book had more of was flashbacks to times of Julia and him that didn't include them having sex in her car. To me sometimes it felt that that was the main point of the relationship, and that ,like Colt realized was a possibility at the end of the story, eventually they would have outgrown it and gotten bored.
Overall I liked the idea behind the story but the execution wasn't great for me. If your looking for a quick okay read I recommend this book. I give it three stars.
Oo Oo Oo. One of my favorite parts is the whole brother scene at Thanksgiving :)

***Three Strars

Bonus: I know this is kind of wierd but while looking for a picture to use for my contest entry I found the cover picture to the book. Some of you will think Im wierd but I was kinda happy :).


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